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Power Lead Technical Services Co. WLL, the PLTS was established in 2013 and has been providing Engineering services and solutions for power sector in Qatar. Over the years Power Lead Technical Services Co.WLL has achieved consistent growth in business due to our proven strength in providing specialised services and quality assurance with our highly dedicated manpower. We are supported by experienced professionals, precision tools and tackles and specialised Installation of EHV & HV substation & testing equipments in line with state of art technology. This enables us to provide best services with absolute customer satisfaction.


Office Philosophy

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Office Mission & Vission

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Office Value & Rules

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Our Services


1. Installation of HV, MV & LVAC Equipments

2. Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipments (SUBSTATION / AUTOMATION / PROTECTION)

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 220KV
  • Power Transformers up 315MVA
  • MV Switchgears
  • LV Switchgears
  • Distribution,Auxiliary and Earting Transformers
  • Control and Protection Panels
  • Substation control system commissioning Support
  • Full Substation Interface Testing

3. Refurbishment of Switchgears and Protection Panels

4. Contol Cable laying and Termination

5. Engineering support for Electrical Projects...(Cable Schedule, relay setting calculation, Protection Design, Auto Cad Drawing etc)

6. Rental of Advanced Testing Equipments (Omicron / Megger / Fluke and etc)

7. Supply of Qualified Resources for Site Services

  • Testing and Commissioning Engineers
  • Erection Engineers
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Fitters and Helpers
  • Cable Jointers
  • Auto CAD Drafts man
  • Electrical Design Engineers
  • SCS Supoorting Engineers and SCS Technicians

Project Services

Project Experiences

Our Projects team is well-qualified and professionally managed to complete the projects within scheduled time in accordance with Total Quality System and internationally recognized industrial standards.

We are always committed to provide a team of dedicated professionals, who will exceed the client's requirements and expectations. PLTS mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Property developers.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • Transmission & Distribution substations.
  • Captive Power Plants.
  • Electrification in Transportation network.

Power Lead Technical Services Co services may differ based on project-specific client requirements, but our approach to doing business remains the same. Integrity, team effort, innovative management and a full commitment in making each project a topquality project and the foundations upon which we continue to build our success.

Our widespread experience includes, but is not limited to the following types of projects
  • Supply, Installation of Electrical High/Low Voltage Systems (Indoor/Outdoor).
  • Gas Insulated Switchgears.
  • Air Insulated Switchgears.
  • Power Transformers and Station Transformers.
  • Relay & Control, LCC Panels.
  • Battery & Battery Chargers, UPS.
  • LVAC Boards.
  • LVDC Boards.
  • Control &LV Power Cabling.
  • Earthing & Lightning Protections.
  • Retrofit, replacement, repairs for Existing Live Substation.
  • Supply, Installation of HV/MV/LV Cables.
  • Testing and commissioning of various electrical equipments upto 220 kV substations.
  • Operation and maintenance of substation equipments.
  • Specialized manpower secondment.
  • Supply of Electrical Testing Equipment.
  • Cable Coating and Fire Sealant.
  • Engraving Tags & Marking for Stainless steel and Trifoliate

Our Team


Founder & Director

N. Yuvanesan

H & R Manager

Amit Sharma

Accounts Manager


Planning Engineer

Our Capabilities

Installation, Testing and commissioning electrical Systems up to 400kV (Indoor/Outdoor).

  • Gas Insulated Switchgears
  • Air Insulated Switchgears
  • Power Transformers and Station Transformers
  • Relay & Control, LCC Panels
  • Battery & Battery Chargers, UPS
  • LVAC Boards
  • LVDC Boards
  • Control & LV Power Cabling

Route Design for EHV cable circuits & substation internal EHV cable laying

Cable coating for EHV cables, LV power & control cables

Piping and structural fabrication & erection for EHV cable supports, panel base frames, etc...

Retrofit, replacement, repairs for Existing Live Substation

  • Existing equipment dismantling & replacing for power transformers, Circuit breakers, Current transformers, Isolators, Voltage transformers, etc...
  • EHV cable rerouting work
  • Existing protection panel dismantling & replacing work
  • Protection panel modification work

Engineering services related to Substation and power station like site survey, Cable schedule preparation, As Built Drawings

Engraving Tags & Marking for Stainless Steel and Trifoliate

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